Newest obsession.

I’ve been slowly weeding myself off of soda, and if I absolutely need soda, I’ll go for a white soda, non diet because diet makes my face break out like nobodies business.

Anyways, I was at Target a couple days ago and I spotted this sparkling water called ‘La Croix’, and it was 2 for $5.00 cases, so I decided to pick up the lime and cran-raspberry flavour.

Anyways, YUMMMMMMMM.  It’s delicious, and doesn’t have that over powering taste that most sodas/juices give you.  It 100% natural, no artificial sweeteners, no calories, and no sodium.  So now whenever I have that craving for syrupy soda, I grab a can of this.  It also really curves my appetite.  

I really want to try their lemon one, but I can’t seem to find that in any of my stores.

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